Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season


Climate Change & Environment

Climate change is an ongoing problem with our planet and one that must be dealt with, so we encourage hackers to build solutions to tackle this issue and come up with some innovative solutions.

Open Innovation

Develop open innovation solutions that address pressing societal challenges by leveraging collaboration, creativity, and technology.

Crime Prevention

Develop innovative solutions that leverage technology and collaborative approaches to prevent and reduce crime, enhance public safety, and create safer communities.

Healthcare/Medical Innovation

Develop innovative solutions that leverage technology to improve healthcare delivery, enhance patient care, and address current challenges in the healthcare industry.

Industry and Social Problems

Coming soon...

Diversity & Inlcusion

Develop creative and impactful solutions that promote diversity, inclusion, and equality, leveraging technology and innovative approaches to create a more inclusive society.

FPGA Design

FPGA Design Tracks
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